You see i have come to the conclusion that it takes a special release to fully grasp the fleeting desires of this world.

One day we are hot another day we are cold.

One day we in love another day we are searching for love.

I cry for the sleepless nights wasted; thinking about what could have been.

My heart aches as i witness the kings and queens of this generation misguided and misled by the desires of the flesh!

The very flesh that trains them for war is the very flesh that leads to destruction!

The unspoken words, the untold stories creeping to burst out of the bottles they have been confined in .

With each fleeting day and moment another one bites the dust,

Dust to dust they return to their original state before creation.

O what has life become?? O what nostalgia when kings reclaim their thrones and queens rebuild their homes

Life in its fullness is the process of being.. (Be-ing)

So dream, Dream and Be;  Dream and Be

Close your eyes and walk through the perfect fantasy that your mind creates when reality seems too harsh to bear

Come on this journey where pain and hurt ceases to exist

Where loneliness is as fleeting as time.

Time! time ceases to exist and all we are left with is this very moment

The moment of total surrender;

So Surrender

Surender to you your be-ing

And Live!!!!!!!!!!!